Friday, May 4, 2012

Joey Bosa, Alex Anzalone, and Mike Heuerman Recruited to Ohio State by Pedophile

It appears that Joey Bosa (current Ohio State commit), Alex Anzalone (former Ohio State commit), and Mike Heuerman (current Notre Dame commit) were recruited to Ohio State by a man that was recently discovered to be a registered sex offender and pedophile. The story begins with Charles Eric Waugh, a man who was close to Ohio State football and avidly recruited prospects to OSU on Twitter under the handle @BdubsTriviaGuru. Waugh was apparently convicted of possessing sexually explicit photos of young children in 2007. Reports have surfaced that allege Waugh bought drinks for Bosa, Anzalone and Heuerman at a local bar in Columbus, and they posed for a picture with him. It is also alleged that Waugh bought food for current OSU players at a Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurant the following day. If proven true, these events would result in NCAA violations by OSU. This could be a strong blow, as OSU is already under NCAA probation for a previous major infraction that cost them their head coach and resulted in a one-year bowl ban, among other punishments.

Bosa is still committed to OSU, as of May 4th. Anzalone de-committed from OSU shortly after the news broke. In a recent interview, Anzalone's father seemed very upset that the OSU staff did not prevent the contact with Waugh from occurring. Heuerman verbally accepted a scholarship offer to play football at Notre Dame instead of OSU prior to this development. Recent rumors suggest that the OSU staff may have known about Waugh's contact with recruits and players. Waugh was followed by OSU's Director of Player Personnel, Mark Pantoni on Twitter, so at least one member of the staff was aware of Waugh's communication with recruits and players through the social media site. At this point, the exact implications of the incident are unknown, but this could likely result in another black mark on the OSU football program.

Joey Bosa, Alex Anzalone and Mike Heuerman posing with sex offender Waugh at a Columbus bar.


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